Black or White Finish
Tool Boxes Available for all feeders
Reasons for choosing a 3C Feeder:
    Sizes And Weights

800 lbs.     34" x 73" x 31" tall     460 lbs.
1200 lbs.     34" x 73" x 41" tall     570 lbs.
1500 lbs.     36" x 73" x 41" tall     610 lbs.
2000 lbs.     41" x 73" x 43" tall     650 lbs.
2500 lbs.     41" x 73" x 47" tall     670 lbs.
3000 lbs.     41" x 73" x 56" tall     700 lbs.
3C feeders operate with a powerful motor with slow rpm.  They
are chain(not belt) driven which effectively runs in cold,damp
weather after you've driven across rough pastures
Each feeder is equipped with a six inch auger which runs at
approximately 60 rpm.  This prevents the feed from being
crushed or crumbled.

Each feeder comes with a digital counter, that mounts in your
dash or in a bracket.  The digital counter is so precise it is
accurate to 2 lbs per 100 wt.  Plus the counter is easy to reset,
it stays on all the time and won't run your battery down.

You will no longer have to be off-center with a cattle feeder.  The
3C feeders are the width of your truck bed and well centered.  
They are also low profile and do not stand above your cab,
unless you choose a feeder larger than 2000 lbs

With a 3C feeder you can see to hook up your gooseneck
trailer!  Our specially designed sight hole allows you to look
behind for trailering or spearing hay bales.

The 3C feeder have a tough, metal, waterproof lid.  These metal
lids are as wide and as long as the feeders.  That way you get
your feed in the feeder not on your truck.

The frame and feeder are solid metal.  It will stand up to any
condition or cowboy and give you years of maintenance free

3C feeders contain heavy insulted four gauge wire with a 100
amp breaker from battery to solenoid to motor.  Twelve gauge
wire is used from switch to battery to solenoid.  The digital
counter has 18 gauge wires from sensor to counter and 12
gauge wire to battery.  Plus all cable lugs are heavy duty.

The 3 C feeder has a protective cover over the chain, sprockets
and sensors.

3C builds a 1500# feeder especially for DEWEZE flatbeds.
             Digital Range Feeders
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